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It’s the time of the year…again…

But I, I believe in summer days. The seasons always change. And life will find a way. (Source: WeHeartIt)

December – it’s the most wonderful time (or it’s supposed to be) of the year (again) – the time to de-clutter, to make amends and tie loose ends, finish off what we have started and hope our wishes come true, to make new year resolution and believe in the power of the new year, simply a time to remember (Oops! I might miss the part of Christmas shopping, but hell yeah, everybody knows it’s the best time of the year to…just shop as all the shops are magically splendid!)

December comes with lights – that’s the very first thought in my mind when it comes to December.

  • The light of food and festive table decoration from family gatherings.
  • The light of Christmas tree filled with ornaments in the living room (which is now in my room)
  • The light of lights in all the shops and the streets
  • The light of gifts and Christmas cards exchanged
  • The light of the Church on Christmas Eve
  • The light of the hearts and random actions out of kindness
  • The light of Christmas songs
  • The light of serendipity – “It’s such a nice sounding word for what it means – a fortunate accident” said Sara
  • The light of passion (or maybe, in my case, the light of my journey looking for passion. And yes, please don’t be cynical!) “You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”” Ah yes! Do I have passion?
  • The light of “You don’t have to understand. You only have to have faith”
  • The light of life during this most magical time of the year
  • The light of Christmas wishlist
  • The light of the words “jolly, merry and bright” – are the words itself simply cheerful?

Isn’t December all about being kind to each other? Or simply do whatever it takes to get yourself ready for the Christmas spirit and ready to end the year with a smile and move on to the next? Or to be ready to say bye and pop the champagne to celebrate the next juicy story?

When we pause and think (and not allow ourselves to be distracted by external forces that really disturb our sense of happiness and peace of mind), I usually have a weird feeling of a helicopter view in which the whole world is like a minuscule universe and I see myself living in that world, interacting with other human beings, not knowing what is waiting ahead, and I wonder if this is the minuscule world that I see, is there any other different versions out there? Is my rabbit hole theory true?

I guess yes – that’s how the universe is.

“They say that things just cannot grow beneath the winter snow, or so I have been told. They say were buried far, just like a distant star I simply cannot hold. Is love alive?”

Is love alive? through December…? or maybe the absence of signs is a sign – all twisted around


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