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My (Weird) Little World in 2016

Just like our own scent, we get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds…

My Weird Little World in 2016 can only be wrapped up in one sentence: I did live my life in full blossom and my soul, I did keep, totally, free 🙂

In 12 months:

January – One of the most amazing serendipity I have ever had with a stranger.

Thank you for giving me one of the most memorable New Year’s Eve and the after taste. It’s been wild and exciting, filled with thrill and passion and addiction. The attraction was merely intensive.  Thank you for the movies and the music. Your vocal is really cute, and warm when you sing me every night before bedtime.

Me: This event is unforgettable. We did have fun and I, I lived in the notion of “I was simply living and experiencing without knowing we were building up memories at the same time.” The artsy part in me was awaken and I know myself a little more. I know that I love arts and that does not mean I can’t survive in the business world. In the corporate culture full of competition, being artistic and living with a style is my competitive advantage. It’s never easy to rise above everything in this world, but if I am lucky enough to be different and to have my own personality, I dare to stand out.

The work visa to Hong Kong.

Corporate is corporate; work is work, leadership is leadership and colleagues are colleagues. There should be a clear border for the classification of relationships. I guess now that I grasp the meaning of “Love all, trust a few.” Global citizens are meant to live in a global village. If I am lucky and good enough to have cultural competencies, I should be proud of it and seize every single opportunity and interactions.

FebruaryThe trip to Danang/Hue/Hoi An Ancient Town

I love Hoi An Ancient Town during January (Lunar Calendar). It really looks like a fairy tale filled with love and light. The lantern festival there is simply amazing. 03 new year wishes I made during this suspicious time simply came true. I can clearly envision how the cosmic was moving around these three wishes and “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The first step, which is not easy as well, is to know what you want.

The Creative Communications training. I think I’m gradually figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life. Maybe yes? Maybe no? Definitely, maybe. I think it’s a yes. But no. But yes.

MarchThe news of promotion and the transfer to Kuala Lumpur

I love Vietnam office a lot, a lot and a lot. There are people and people, of course, but this office can be considered as my very first job. I am truly thankful for all the great people I have met here, who play a big role in shaping me the way I am today. Without the days in Vietnam office, I would never be able to be where I am now.

I will hold all those late-night talks, those crazy performances and rehearsals, those sleepless nights in the office and all the love and advises tightly to my heart.

AprilOh! I have been here for 2 weeks only!, the night drive and all by myself

Training in SG! Thank you for the decent dinner!

New project area, new city, new lifestyle, I felt like I was a baby again in the body of an adult (or maybe can I call myself an adolescence at the age of late twenties? Well, I don’t see any point that I shouldn’t). A lot of first times (it’s actually first time for every single thing. I can still remember how frustrated I was when I felt like I’m useless and helpless.) However, like the rose that rises from concrete, I feel proud of myself that I bloom where I am planted. At the same time, I’m also very surprised that I’ve been this far.

I used to think we would never be able to spend time together; but thanks to some twists and turns, we ended up driving around and talking till 4a.m. on my very first day in KL. I have no idea what our conversations were about – all I can remember is that I feel a bit closer to you. Thank you for being a great helper and for being patient whenever I throw tantrums as things do not go my way.

May – Here begins the chapter of “How to live alone in a city” 

I was “fast and furious” searching for friends, companions, and whatever it was to fill up my own loneliness without learning to have a good relationships with myself. A lot of uncontrollable emotional outbursts during this time. H, thanks for always being a good friend that slaps me in the face and tell me “Social gatherings are supposed to make you feel fulfilled, not drain the energy out of you. If it wears you out without any thing good, screw it. Just chill at home and sing La La Land.” But I guess there are several connections just happen out of nowhere. Thank you for being the most wonderful “sister” in the world. I really do feel blessed that you are a part of my life. Amidst all craps, at least there is something worthy. You teach me about who really cares and who doesn’t , not just by telling me all this but by living it up to the bar. Your actions are always the strongest proof telling me you really care. Cheers to our sisterhood!

JuneNumbness overdose

What? I am feeling something? Oh please put it on mute. Oh no, I need to do house hunting again?! Er sorry, I need some help, I’m moving tomorrow ^.^ I know I’m hard to please (and why should I be easy to please when I have my own standards and values and interests? Why can’t I just live truly to my own self right? It’s complicated, yes, so what? This is my life and I have full ownership of it. I treasure every single piece of it; and if it’s not right, it’s not right. I can’t fake feelings.) I guess this numb episode was the transition time so that I can reach just another level.

JulyI found a place I would love to stay

Mom! I’m moving into a new house! And I like it here. My housemates are really nice and friendly. Okie, I think I’m settling down at this place.

AugustOh crap…! Such a cosmic joke. I guess I just started something. No! It’s not a relationship.

SeptemberHappy Birthday and please, can you stop hitting on me? I have no time for your entertainment.

OctoberOh wow, here I am, in Singapore for quite a sufficient amount of time…Grey’s Anatomy

NovemberAll too well, bye! 

DecemberWhat? It’s been a year already? Oh, it’s not a year babe, it’s just a blink. 


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