About “Snowflake”

The Globe in Black and White


I first started blogging as a way to document my stories and to build up my museum of memories through colors, scents, sounds, touches and tastes. My personal blog is the keeper of my adventures – of me being on the way to figure out what could be the colors of a white canvas, how unique the shape of a snowflake, what are the traits of a juniper tree and how long the scent of lavender lasts.

This is not a personal blog 🙂 So, don’t worry, no secrets revealed! This is more to share a piece of my mind about pretty little things I experience along the way, which means you can catch something as trivia as a review of a nice shampoo that I love here, how I feel being in the station of the metro or maybe even as strange as how a shop should display their products my way.

“Life has a lots of flavors, doesn’t it?

Taste it, taste the morning cup of beauty, taste the purity of twilight, taste the tranquility of the night.

Taste it, taste the soul, taste the thoughts, taste the feelings.

Then let your mind be the guide.”

Tokyo, July 2017.