From me with love


This blog wouldn’t have been born without the love and encouragement of my peeps. I am blessed to meet many great people in my life and most of them are the reason for the existence of this blog.

Winnie, thank you for asking me (or maybe forcing me) to start sharing our talks with the world and for always saying “no fried food, no junk food, steamed rice is good, sleep early, drink herbal tea and eat fish head noodles.” I will miss you and Olivia much. When I started this blog, I thought of you and how our friendship started with peppermint tea.

Han. You are my ex-colleague becoming friend becoming my big sister. I can’t tell how happy I am to see our friendship gradually blooming into something so pure and lovely and of course, as crazy as just us. You are my anchor of reality whenever my mind drifts away. Thank you for always being with me and lending a hand whenever I need it and of course, always kicking me in the ass and pulling my legs. You are and this I know for sure, always will be my favorite girl. And I’m glad we chose each other.

Elizabeth, my writing friend. My faith in writing would never be this strong (or maybe I even wouldn’t pick up writing again after so many years) if it weren’t for our writing sessions. It was very peaceful to sit with you in a café and just wrote. That’s how I know writing is always a part of me, and that I should never give up on it. As you said, “We are each other’s kindred spirit.” Thank you for always encouraging me to keep up writing because I need to share my stories with the world.

Adrian, thank you for listening to me rambling on and on about my dreams and hopes and how confused I am with this current stage of my life, for the advises and solutions. I will miss us being creative and how you said you can’t keep up with my mind. Thank you for pre-paying the phone bills so that I can keep my entertainment always on and above all, thank you for being a secret One Piece fan.

Steph, my little mushroomie! Thank you for all the encouragement, the hang-outs, the pep talks and fun talks. Thank you for acting crazy with me (and yes, telling me stories I would never imagine that could happen and keep saying “only in Japan”!

Aditya, I bet you are now so sick of … ramen but thank you for dinners and encouragement and advises! You have been a pleasure to work with. Most of all, thank you for “adding just another drop of water” to make this blog happen.


Brent. With time, I realized that you were very patient with me and me throwing tantrums. I was immature, maybe not, but in some ways, you shaped my taste in arts.

Mom. I am glad that you brought me up with books and writings, with colors and music, with fragrances and stories of the world. You are always my source of strength and safe haven whenever I pause exploring the world to come back home for love. It is true that you are my fairy.

And many more…you know who you are…