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Toast to the blossom…


Each age has its own beauty. For me, 28 always has something mysterious and beautiful about it. It is like the prime age, the mCheeriddle of late twenties, not too young to not know anything yet also not too old to be able to say “i’m older and wiser.”

I used to think when I reach 28, I would be this and that. Now I am right here, starting that age in my mind, feeling calm, peaceful and serene.

Life has been really good to me. When I see myself growing into a woman I am now, I appreciate every little thing that has happened in my life and every single person I have interacted with – be it a blessing or a lesson. Thank you for being a part of my weird little world.

People are all great. Some I have met and be friends with. Some I haven’t had a chance to. The greatest one ever will always be Mom. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me the love and lust for life; thank you for raising me up for the past 28 years, even when I act like a moron sometimes.

To 28 – you are in control of your own beauty – be it the glow of love and lust for life, the melancholy of a wandering soul of a traveler, the passion of hopes and dreams, the daring and adventurous spirit of exploring the world and being into the wild or the desire of finding someone you call “home”. Be it all the definition of beauty you can think of and be in control of it, all, with a thankful heart.

And just like Scarlett O’hara making her very own dress from the curtain when nothing else is left, I will stay faithful to the kind of beauty I am seeking for.

May my heart be brave, my mind fierce and my spirit free.

May it be pure and tender, be wise and youthful, and be wild and sparkling at the same time.

Tokyo, September 11, 2017

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Adachi Fireworks Festival, Arakawa River, Tokyo, Japan

I have always loved lights, lanterns and fireworks. (This post is about fireworks, buddies, so, according to communication rules or whatever rules, it is in bold and underlined; also because it is the most magical and magnificent form of lights in science, to me only; which means I do not know science that much.) Aren’t all happy scenes in Disney movies garnished with fireworks and lanterns (this is just some I guess! But well, let’s just say all)? From Beauty and the Beast, Tangled to Mulan, and even The Little Mermaid, there are fireworks scenes, at least once.

I have always loved fireworks.

Since I was little (and even up to now, when I am away conquering the world and only back home for Lunar New Year), the rooftop of my parents’ house is my favorite spot. Little me with a heart filled of eagerness and expectation always look forward to the New Year Eve fireworks much more than anything else in the world. The urge of enjoying the show usually hurried me up with helping Mom to get the chores done for the long Tet celebration. I was just simply hoping that I could finish my tasks on time prior to the displays. It also rushed me to get myself ready so that I could see it at my best. And when the fireworks came, in those short-lived 5 minutes, I felt like I saw miracles. I felt like all the wishes of each human being in the world were illuminating the sky. Splendid. Marvelous.

Then fireworks at parents’ rooftop gradually moved on to friends’, then my rented apartment in another country. Wherever it is, I always enjoy it “like a 5 year old child.”

As a “ritual”, (as one of my “rituals” to be exact cos I love coming up with “rituals” out of nowhere and religiously follow it and believe that it is true), I usually “prepare” 3 wishes before the show so that when the moment comes, I can just focus on my wishes and stay in harmony with the universe – the whole beauty of fireworks lighting up the sky.

I have 2 bucket lists – the realistic one and the dreaming one. I put most of the “i-never-think-these-will-come-true-but-i-still-desperately-want-them” items on the second list. And “watching fireworks in Japan, wearing yukata, eating watermelon and holding a fan” is on the latter.

But! But I am here, in Tokyo, Japan, watching Adachi Fireworks Festival along Arakawa River, with a free paper fan in my hand! There was no watermelon. I didn’t wear yukata. But the experience was simply amazing and it left me speechless. I got lost in that moment, feeling like I was soaring up high together with all the colored flames and sparks. During that moment, I am a free spirit. As usual, I made three wishes this time. It was just me and the fireworks. And it was sparkling.

“Well, maybe I still have to walk seven thousand miles … and whatever comes will come soon” (Xandria – Eversleeping)

“When you open your eyes, when you gaze at the sky, when you look to the stars as they shut down the night, you feel this story ain’t over.
When life is not words and tongue is not answers and we only can’t see a reason, why would it mean that it’s not meant to be.” (Avantasia – The Story Aint Over) 

And then…there comes the serendipitous fireworks, those colorful flames and sparks. I changed my tickets… just to see them again and make wishes again.